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A key challenge for the United States in the next 20 years is to dramatically improve the recruiting and intellectual education of our conventional Combat Arms (CA), Special Operations Forces (SOF), and Intelligence Community (IC) operators.


Mankins Research is in the business of power. Situated at the nexus of national security, higher education, and human development, we conduct research in the areas of recruiting, training, and higher education for those that operate outside-the-wire. We are committed to dramatically improving the capacity of those entering the various operator pipelines before they enlist, receive a commission, or join an agency.


As an IRS 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dedicated to research and education, Mankins Research holds summer camps and various seminars to provide superior education, training, and mentoring to high school students aspiring to join CA, SOF, and the IC.




SOF/IC Development Course

Intensive Full-Spectrum Human Development

You've always known you're different, so have they.


You get along with everyone, but you've never met your real tribe.


You can do anything better than 90% of people.

You refuse to settle for a successful career and a normal life.


Deep in your soul you have a restless calling, an obsession to become 100 times more than everyone else can imagine. 


This summer, meet your tribe, develop your whole-being, free your mind, and unlock your power.


Join us, it will change your life.

Open to males & females, ages 16-18

Located in Bloomington, Indiana

Full Details & New Website Coming Soon

Registration Will Open January 2020


To Whom Much is Given,

Much is Required

Reinvest a portion of your earnings in the the next generation that will protect you. 100% of your donations directly support students.


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